Mellakka Management is the finest talent management agency in Finland providing international-level management for talented professionals from all areas of media, entertainment and content creation. We handle any kind of content project from books to podcasts from commercial collaborations to creating concepts.

Our talents’ strengths range from sports and fashion to inclusivity education and investing. We help our clients to take the next step in their careers and provide opportunities to grow as well as offer tools & capacity for long-term brand deals. We help brands to make the most of the collaborations with our talents. We know them and know what works in their channels.


Anni Ihamäki

Anni Ihamäki, Finland's most listened to woman, has been hosting the most popular morning radio show for more than 10 years.

Maria Veitola

Maria Veitola is a television and radio journalist, screenwriter, columnist and freelance writer.

Vappu Pimiä

Vappu Pimiä is one of Finland's best-known presenters, a solid professional who has hosted programmes such as Dancing with the Stars and Farmer Wants a Wife.

Ilkka Ihamäki

Ilkka Ihamäki is known on Finland’s most popular radio show for his song covers.
Ilkka is a master of lyrics and melodies, and he is able to combine music sharply with current topics or even brand messages.

Jutta Larm

Jutta Larm is a long-time wellness entrepreneur, speaker and content producer.

Meeri Koutaniemi

Meeri Koutaniemi is a freelance photographer, journalist and documentary filmmaker. She has worked as a photographer and journalist in more than 50 countries.

Köpi Kallio

Köpi Kallio is a radio host, screenwriter and a comedian. He is known from YleX morning radio show.

Susanna Laine

Susanna Laine is one of Finland's most loved performers: a presenter, journalist and actress.

Viki Eerikkilä

Ville ’’Viki’’ Eerikkilä is a well-known radio host and TV personality.

Jani Toivola

Jani Toivola is a beloved presenter, author and influencer who is not afraid to share even the most painful aspects in life.

Lotta Hintsa

Lotta Hintsa is a world-class mountaineer and master of economics. She now is aiming for the highest peaks in the world without supplementary oxygen, carrying her own gear.

Riku Rantala

Riku Rantala is one of Finland's most awarded media personalities, known especially for his Madventures and Docventures series, books and columns in the national daily newspaper Helsingin Sanomat.

Emma Kimiläinen

Emma Kimiläinen is a successful W Series Formula driver. Emma is also known as an inspiring speaker and presenter.

Salma Jama

Salma Jama is a lifestyle and fashion influencer with a passion for inspiring and making room for young women like her.

Elina Gustafsson

Elina Gustafsson is a former boxer and equality ambassador.

Netta Oikkonen

Netta Eleonoora is one of Finland's most popular TikTokers, known especially for her dance and fashion videos.

Sikke Sumari

Sikke Sumari is one of Finland's longest-standing food influencers.

Tunna Milonoff

Tunna Milonoff is a specialist of his own field. He has created and directed the Madventures TV series.

Satu Rämö

Satu Rämö is an economist, humanist, creative entrepreneur, goal-oriented communications professional, speaker and author.

Ronja Salmi

Ronja Salmi is a journalist and author. She is one of the most experienced TV journalists of her generation.

Emilia Kujala

Emilia Kujala is a trailblazer of public wellbeing conversation - she is a psychotherapist, social psychologist, author, columnist and speaker.

Dakota Robin

Dakota Robin is an international human right consultant who is an expert in D&I and LGBTQ issues. As a speaker he breaks prejudices and inspires people.

Henri Hyppönen

Henri Hyppönen is a non-fiction writer, entrepreneur and TV presenter. His work strongly combines creativity with the utilisation of research information.

Sara Salmani

Finnish-Iranian Sara Salmani works in the communications and marketing industry as an expert in diversity and inclusion.

Pipsa Hurmerinta

Pipsa Hurmerinta is a chef, presenter, author and influencer in the food industry.

Linda Liukas

Linda Liukas is a coder, entrepreneur, children’s writer and illustrator. Linda is also known as an inspiring international speaker.

Jenni Pääskysaari

Jenni Pääskysaari is a presenter, author and journalist, she has also had a long career in TV as a producer and screenwriter.

“Meillä on vahva näkemys, paljon intohimoa, hyvä sydän ja mahtavia asiakkaita, joiden kanssa on etuoikeus työskennellä.”

“Kaikki mellakkalaiset ovat huippu­ammattilaisia, joiden kanssa työskentelyä voin suositella ilolla kaikille. Mellakka Helsinki <3”

– Annakaisa Anttila, vastaava tuottaja ja kumppanuuspäällikkö Ruisrock


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