What services do we offer?

Mellakka Management represents Finland’s most interesting talents in the creative and social sectors. Book us an inspiring speaker, a successful commercial collaboration, a content concept that suits your brand, career planning or sparring.


Management encompasses everything from career planning to handling media crises, from conceptualising to commercialising, and negotiating deals and contracts. We have strong expertise in many different fields and a very active approach to sales. We know the right people and partners in Finland and around the world.


Mellakka Management represents both engaging new voices and exceptionally talented established names. We represent experts in such topics as diversity, artificial intelligence, self-management and empathy. And everything in between.


We also offer coaching and sparring with experts other than those we represent. From social media and other media coaching, and from public appearances to writing a CV.


The talents represented by Mellakka Management are top content professionals. We design and implement high-quality commercial collaborations and a wide range of contents by listening to the client’s needs, goals and wishes. Our influencers are also respected experts in their fields outside their own channels.

Commercial Collaborations

Commercial collaborations can range from a single Instagram assignment to a multi-channel influencer campaign, such as a podcast series, a lecture tour, an instructional video series, a B2B video series or a webinar. Commercial collaborations can also involve a product line or clothing collection, a book or even a family of food products. We will be happy to come up with the best concept with you – don’t hesitate to contact us!


Together with the client and the talent, we devise an effective way to create joint contents. The idea is refined into a concept that works for both the advertiser and the content creator.

Career planning

We can help you find a new direction or angle for your career, sharpen your CV, LinkedIn profile or application, and think about your visuals and the right approach for your online presence.


Our services also include intense and effective workshops in which we help you analyse and develop your personal brand and identify a clearer direction.


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